Research and Evaluation

Image by Mark J P water efficiency research evidence base waterwise droplet and ripples

As part of Our Work, Waterwise has been involved in numerous Research and Evaluation projects. Below is a sample of some projects we have initiated or been involved in.

Evidence Base: this project collated and analysed most existing large scale water efficiency project and used the data to identify savings associated with a range of water efficiency measures. The reports published outlining the results are available here.

Evaluating Water Efficiency Initiatives: The evaluation guide has been developed specifically for water efficiency practitioners, those responsible for planning and carrying out water efficiency projects and programmes of work. Have a look at the reports and slides from the Masterclass held!

Metering and Tariffs: Water poverty is becoming an urgent issue as the current charging system is not protecting vulnerable customers. We are conducting and involved in many research projects surrounding metering to make water use fair and efficient. 

Plug It:  working with the SEED Foundation amongst others, the project is developing tools that will enable trusted intermediaries (plumbers, retail store assistants etc.) to assist people in making water efficient choices when purchasing new products. See how this is being achieved here.

Water - Energy link: there is a strong link between water and energy. We have undertaken research focused on messaging and integrating the delivery of water efficiency activity across the country alongside energy. Have a look at the research that has been done here.

Influencing attitudes and behaviours: Waterwise has conducted work on; understanding behaviour, understanding change (Evidence Base), understanding audiences (Tap into Savings), and intervening to create change. Click here for a full list of attitudinal and behavioural case studies (Coming soon!).