What we do


We focus specifically on water efficiency which means we engage with promoting water efficiency at all levels; from corporate boardrooms, community meetings to government offices.

Campaigning: We can work in a multitude of areas including; media work, technical research, behavioural norms and awareness raising. The depth of knowledge and experience ensures we are using the right methods to have the most powerful effect on behaviours.

Marketing AdviceWe can offer advice on water efficiency messaging and our experience of the water efficiency product market to make sure it finds the right audience.

Partnership Brokering: We work across the country to develop partnerships that will deliver water savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

We work across the country to develop partnerships that will deliver water savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. - See more at: http://www.waterwise.org.uk/pages/partnerships.html#sthash.Fk6tTvk0.dpuf

Policy ConsultingAlongside our own policy work, we provide consulting to the public, private and third sectors as well as policy analysis research services.

Presentations and EventsWaterwise speaks at and co develops water efficiency related events on a regular basis.

Product DevelopmentWe have been involved with idea generation, product design and market research for companies such as; Kohler Mira, Ecoplay, Gabi H0 and ecoBETA.

Research and Evaluation ServicesOur multidisciplinary team is experienced in primary and secondary research and is able to undertake quantitative, qualitative and desk review studies. Our speciality is evaluating water efficiency initiatives.

Sponsorship and AdvertisingThere are many opportunities for sponsorship advertising with Waterwise, please contact us for more information.

TrainingWaterwise offers CABWII Water Efficiency Qualifications at Levels 2 and Level 3. This covers water efficiency advice and retrofitting.

Water Efficiency AuditsWaterwise is able to help you work out how much water your business uses and draw up an action plan to help cut costs.

If you are interested in and of the above that Waterwise offer, please contact us.