Research and Evaluation

Projects that seek to solve water efficiency challenges and/or better understand the value of water efficiency interventions; projects will be given higher scores if peer reviewed and/or if efforts to implement results are demonstrated 

Winner: Wessex Water – Wessex Water Tariff Trial

Wessex Water – Wessex Water Tariff Trial

Wessex Water's tariff trial project has taken away much of the uncertainty around how much less water people use when they are metered and the impact on their water use of different charging structures.
The study, carried out between 2008 and 2012, found out:

  • how much less water people used in a metered household following a house move
  • whether these savings vary depending on the type of tariff applied
  • customers' feelings about the meter, the tariff – and the company imposing them!
  • the changes in behaviour that caused the changes in water use

In the process the company was also able to test the use of smarter water meters and in home displays for customers. The scope and academic rigour of the approach taken has added greatly to the industry's understanding of metering and tariffs. 

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Runner-up: Southern Water  – Universal Metering Programme

Southern Water  – Universal Metering Programme

Under a 5 year programme, Southern Water is installing more than 500,000 water meters by 2015 as part of its long-term plans to secure water resources for customers across the South East of England, a region which has been officially classed as ‘water stressed’.

The company commissioned customer research before beginning the programme to help it make the move to universal metering as smooth as possible for households, including how best to promote how customers could save water, energy and money. 

The research included customer segmentation to help Southern Water understand what different groups of customers feel about water use and metering. This enabled it to tailor a ‘customer journey’ for a variety of types of customer.

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