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@qua is a Thematic Network under the CIP-ICT PSP Programme of the European Commission. The ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) aims at stimulating innovation and competitiveness through the wider uptake and best use of ICT by citizens, governments and businesses, particularly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. The approach is based on leveraging innovation in response to growing societal demands.

In his programme frame of ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) 2011, the General Direction Information Society (DG INFSO) of the European Commission has launched a new theme network dedicated to Innovation Communication Technologies for water management. This domain represents a sector which the European Union wishes to develop during the next 10 years and its contemplated in different initiatives of the Digital Agenda for Europe 2020 which will allow at the same time improving the user’s services quality and developing a sustainable management of resources. These objectives will be achieved with the improvement of already available technologies, adaptation of the existing solutions and the identification of R&D axes to work on the next years.

The theme network @qua it is being coordinated by the Nice-Sophia Antipolis University and integrated by 17 partners from 10 different countries of the European Union.

@qua Innovation Network gathers thus ICT and water services leading actors from SME to majors, research entities developing competences in both sectors, local and regional authorities directly responsible for water policy and water management. Partners have developed significant expertise about the interface of ICT and water and at the same time, covering the full spectrum of the water related domain.




- provides a forum to exchange and to share expertise in deploying innovative ICT solutions for water management;

- studies feasibility of standardized ICT solutions and interoperability in the field of water management across the EU;

- develops specifications and guidelines according to a jointly defined “level of sharing” among representatives of professional sectors.

 Focus of @qua is on gathering and sharing experiences on how to overcome barriers to the introduction of ICT solutions for innovative water management and on how to ensure their wider uptake and best use. Partners have the ambition to develop and to promote the interoperability principle and the use of common standards in the water industry.

In a holistic and consistent approach, @qua addresses all the issues of the water management from resources to societal changes, using a wide range of ICT solutions: data acquisition, numerical modeling, real-time monitoring and field operation management.

@qua instigates working groups, workshops and exchanges with the aim of creating the necessary conditions and consensus on action plans, standards and specifications in view to ensure the widest future replication and co-deployment of innovative solutions. @qua provides guidance for ICT-enabled solutions and their roll-out and will highlight the remaining obstacles to be overcome.

Results and outcomes are available in the public domain and widely disseminated through various media.

The network has the ambition to become the core-group of an international association focused on standards definition and promotion.