Save Water Swindon

ImageSave Water Swindon is a partnership between Thames Water, Waterwise and WWF to reduce water use in Swindon in order to ensure that there is enough for people and the natural environment, now and in the future.

Swindon is in an area that the Environment Agency has classified as “seriously water stressed”, which means that all available water sources are in use already, and wildlife is coming under increasing pressure. The town gets its water from the River Kennet and the River Thames.

Partners came together in 2010 to launch the town-wide initiative, the first phase of which came to a close in 2011. To read the evaluation report for the first year, please see the resources section of the website:

Save Water Swindon: Phase 1 Evaluation Report

Save Water Swindon now has entered a new phase. Households within the Swindon Borough Council area are eligible for free water efficiency home makeovers or can request free devices for self-installation.

To find out more please visit the Save Water Swindon section.

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