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Latest Waterwise Press Releases 

22 March 2013

Hot Water Film Competition Kicks Off on World Water Day
Today is World Water Day,and Waterwise – as part of the SWAN initiative, is helping to launch an innovative film competition to inspire young people to make short films about water.

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3 December 2012

New guidance urges organisations to commit to water efficiency
Waterwise and Energy Saving Trust have joined forces to develop guidance on water energy efficiency delivery in the UK. 

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16 November

Waterwise and water companies launch Wrap up for Winter campaign, featuring Channel 4’s The Snowman

Share your winter care tips for a chance to win tickets to the London Premiere of The Snowmanand The Snowdog

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28 September 2012

 Waterwise and WWF launch short guide for water retrofits

The guide: Planning effective water efficiency initiatives: Learning from the Evidence Base, Save Water Swindon and Tap into Savings, is now available 18 September

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18 September

UK Water Efficiency Awards winners and runners-up announced 

The awards ceremony was held on the evening of Monday, 17 September 2012 in The Cholmondeley Room and Terrace at the House of Lords

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12 September

Save Water Swindon evaluation report now online

6000 water-saving devices were installed, via 900 home makeovers and 900 self-install kits in the UK’s first whole-town water efficiency intiative

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25 July

Water has always been key to the success of the Olympics

Unlike the Ancient Greek games, London 2012 doesn’t have a specially built aqueduct to supply the stadia, so everyone should make efforts to be more water efficient

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9 July

Though the hosepipe ban has ended, keep using water efficiently

The final four water companies in England with hosepipe bans in place have lifted them, in a move affecting about six million domestic customers.

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14 May

The UK-wide search for inspiring water efficiency projects is on 

Today Waterwise and the Environment Agency launch the UK Water Efficiency Awards 2012

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11 May

Drought status lifted in parts of the country, water still an issue

 Today the Environment Agency lifted the drought status in the west of England, the Midlands and parts of Yorkshire. But water management – and efficiency – should still be on everyone's mind 

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25 April

Believe it or not, it’s a rainy type of drought

Even if the rainy weather keeps up for the next weeks, the south and east of England will still be in drought. This might sound contradictory, but actually floods and droughts are two sides of the same issue

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26 March

Water efficient car washing: hose vs. bucket

There’s more than one way to wash a car, and Waterwise suggests that however people wash (hosepipe, bucket, waterless cleaning system, etc.) they make sure they’re not wasting any of this precious resource.

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22 March

Value water, value life, on World Water Day

March 22 is World Water Day. Waterwise has teamed up with UK watercompanies, Hippo the Watersaver, and Save-a-Flush to encourage people inthe UK to reflect on the value of their tap water and make a difference to thoseabroad who lack access to clean water

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13 March

Drought means more efficient water use is urgently required 

Short-term emergency measures like hosepipe bans will help with this summer's drought but they won't solve what may be a long-term issue. To meet water needs now and in the future we need to start using water better, and we need to start now 

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21 February

Water efficiency can help beat the drought

Improving water efficiency won't make it rain, but it is a powerful way to manage limited water supplies 

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16 January 2012

Waterwise 2012 conference on engaging water users

Getting water users to think about how they use water is a fundamental challenge for water efficiency.This applies to water usage both at home and at work. That's why the theme of our 2012 conference is 'Engaging water users'. 

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30 December 2011

2012 is the year of water, start it off right

It looks like it will be a dry year with drought looming over many parts of the UK. So now is a good time to make some watery resolutions that are kind to the environment and your pocket. These are our top 5 tips for 2012.

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8 December 2011

Water White Paper points to a water efficient future

Waterwise welcomes the Government’s Water White Paper, in which it provides clear vision on the direction for the industry and the water sector as a whole. Water White Paper points to a water efficient future.

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24 November 2011

Showers vs. Baths: facts, figures and misconceptions 

Any opportunity to promote water efficiency in the media is welcomed by Waterwise. However, contrary to conclusions drawn from a recent study, baths are not necessarily more eco friendly than showers.

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30 October 2011

6th Saving Water in Scotland Network Roundtable

The Saving Water in Scotland Network (SWS) was established by Waterwise in 2006 to bring together Government, regulators, consumer groups, the water industry, Parliamentarians, retailers, manufacturers, NGOs and representatives of the building and energy sectors to promote water efficiency and develop partnerships to deliver it in Scotland. The SWS Roundtable is regularly chaired by Sarah Boyack MSP.

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21 October 2011

Dangers of fuel poverty can be alleviated with water efficiency

Simple measures to save water and energy can have a significant affect on household energy bills – a pressing concern for many at risk of fuel poverty

Energy bills are on the rise, and temperatures are dropping, and many people are struggling to cope, some with deadly consequences. The Hills report, published on Wednesday, estimated that 2,700 deaths each year can be linked to fuel poverty This highlights the need to make savings on the energy bill wherever possible. Water has an important part to play in this.

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5 July 2011

Waterwise report highlights link between water and energy

An upcoming report from Waterwise stresses the importance of the connection between water and energy, making the case for water efficiency measures as a way to reduce carbon emissions, as well as explaining the global threat of ‘cascading failure’

The link between water and energy has a little-known influence on carbon emissions. A whopping 5% of carbon emissions are the result of the energy used to heat water in homes. So saving water can help save energy, and vice versa.

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31 May 2011

As dry spell continues, it’s critical that we use water wisely

Waterwise, the leading authority on water efficiency, is calling for people to take extra care with water during this extended dry spell

People are encouraged to be water-efficient all year round but the recent weather underlines the need for everyone to be water wise. Much of the country has had the driest six months since the drought of 1975/76, and April saw just 24 per cent of the average rainfall for that month.

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4 April 2011

Government fails to include metering policy in water bill consultation

Today's Government consultation on water bills in England addresses affordability concerns for some households, but is still a long way from building a sustainable and affordable water charging regime. The Government consultation on the Walker Review, which was released today, has a glaring omission - a Government strategy to encourage widespread water metering by 2020.

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8 March 2011

20 Million water customers to join Rango on his water-saving quest

Eleven UK water companies have joined forces with an unlikely hero to launch a water efficiency campaign this spring

Rango is the hero of the new blockbuster animation at cinemas now. Hollywood star Johnny Depp is the voice of the chameleon, who saves the thirsty town of Dirt’s water supply from evil villains.

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1 February 2011

Water savings for schools could bring financial bonus

New guidance on water efficiency retrofits for schools, published this week, could bring big water and carbon savings, as well as average savings of over a thousand pounds a year.

Schools in the UK spend at least £70 million on their water bills each year, and use over 31,000 million litres of water. A report published by Waterwise reveals that – for the biggest users – a simple retrofit can save up to 3,130 litres per day. That adds up to 610,000 litres year.

The annual savings from the average school would be enough to supply water to five families for a whole year.

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12 January 2011

Take the challenge to tap into better habits

Three quarters of people in the UK have heard of ways to avoid wasting water and a large number already have environmentally friendly habits when it come s to how they use tap water, new research reveals.

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