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Waterwise and policy

All of Waterwises objectives have a key policy angle. There are many ways in which we work to drive water efficiency to become mainstream, mainly through a government policy and the regulatory framework drive. Here are a select few of the many ways we have and are currently influencing policy:

Waterwise White Paper: published in June 2010 it targeted the new UK Government and Parliament and had mainstreaming water efficiency at its core. Strategic proposals were set of for; climate change adaptation and mitigation, resource efficiency, low carbon and green economy and the big society for     2010 – 2015.  Read it here!

Consultation responses: Waterwise has written numerous consultation responses to organisations such as; Defra, DECC, EU, and the Environment Agency to name a few. There is a full list of responses available. 

Policy Update: Have a look at our stance on policy from 2012 here.