Metering & tariffs

Why Metering and Tariffs?

With water poverty is becoming an urgent issue, the current charging system is not protecting vulnerable customers. It has been recognised in the Walker Review that charging according to volume used is the fairest way to pay. It would also enable the introduction of tariffs that can protect the vulnerable and incentivise efficient use of water.

What we are doing...

Waterwise is actively working on many research and evaluation projects within metering:

Impact: of water metering initiatives on household water use. We are involved in the evaluation of Southern Waters Universal Metering programme.

Interaction: between water metering, affordability and water efficiency to name a few. For example we recently evaluated water savings from South Wests Water Watercare programme which combined water efficieicny retrofit with benefit checks.

Customers views: on what they when it comes to metering and tariffs. To help inform Southern Water about their transitional tariff for newly metered customers, Waterwise ran focus groups.

Technologies: for improving metering and feedback to customers and water companies. We are part of @qua (exploring the role of ICT and demand management) and currently working on iWIDGET (a domestic smart metering system).