In the Garden

There are loads of methods to be water efficient and still maintain a blooming garden.

1) Grass

  • Its ok for the lawn to go brown, it helps it to build up resistance and recover immediately after rainfall.
  • Sprinklers can use as much as 1000 litres per hour! This is more than a family of four use in a whole day. If you have to use a sprinkler, try to use it in the early morning/ late afternoon, this is when evaporation rates are lowest.

2) Garden Equipment

  • Pressure washers should be used sparingly. Look out for water efficient models that are available.
  • Hosepipes: by attaching a trigger nozzle on your hosepipe will halve the amount of water used and help direct the flow to the root of your plants
  • Watering cans can significantly reduce the amount of water used whilst getting the desired amount to your plants
  • Water butts are a brilliant method to catch large amount of rainwater that falls each year – its free water. Have a look at the Waterwise guide to waterbutts.

3) Plants

  • Lots of people use bathwater on their gardens, this is brilliant. Please remember this is dirty water and should be used immediately, and never on fruit/ veg or near children.
  • Use mulch and bark in your garden, it will help to reduce evaporation by up to 75%.
  • Think about mixing some drought resistant bedding and perennial plants to your garden to add a bit of diversity.