Exemplar Project in Scotland

The Exemplar Project awards specifically recognise water efficiency achievements in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and seek to highlight the multiple social, environmental and economic benefits of water efficiency. Projects must be delivered in these areas and must involve at least one organisation whose registered address is in these areas.

Winner: SYHA Hostelling Scotland – Loch Ossian Eco Hostel

SYHA Hostelling Scotland – Loch Ossian Eco Hostel

The £130,000 refurbishment of Loch Ossian Youth Hostel in 2003 strove not only to update the building structure but also to transform the hostel into arguably the most eco-friendly accommodation in the UK. Taking into consideration the direct and indirect impact of every hostel resident on the local environment while at the same time not compromising on the level of quality or comfort entitled to those residents, the end project is a sustainable business model serving hostel guests throughout the year. Many guests leave a little more aware of their individual and collective impacts on the environment and what systems can be employed to offset this with a specific focus on water and electricity production and consumption.

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Runner-up: Élan Hair Design

Élan Hair Design

When owners Lorna and Gordon Milton of Élan Hair Design decided to replace traditional lamps with LED lighting they got to thinking how they could turn their well-established hairdressing salon into an eco-friendly salon. From there the project became a £250k refurbishment incorporating almost every conceivable environmentally-friendly element they could find. Everything from shorn locks to Italian furniture, floor tiles and clients’ coffee has been given the green treatment – either made from sustainable sources or recycled. The zero carbon salon furniture includes water-reducing basins which have reduced Élan’s water consumption by 64%.

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