Environment Agency Chairman's Award

This award seeks to highlight good work being done by water companies to manage water demand; one project delivered by or with a water company that best demonstrates good practice in delivering water efficiency initiatives will be selected. We are looking for a project that clearly demonstrates that a water company has gone beyond what is required of them by its regulators.

Thames Water, in partnership with Waterwise and WWF – Save Water Swindon

save water swindon logo

In 2010 Thames Water, WWF, Waterwise and Swindon Borough Council joined forces to help limit the amount of water taken from Swindon’s local environment by setting up Save Water Swindon. It aimed to reduce water consumption in Swindon by one million litres per day by 2014, to test and monitor the effectiveness of communications through customer research and data analysis, and use findings to form the UK blueprint on how to run effective water efficiency campaigns.

15% of Swindon residents have booked home makeovers (2,700) or requested water-saving devices (8,600).

To date the project is estimated to have reduced Swindon’s overall water-use by more than 560,000 litres per day and is on track to reach its ambitious water-saving target.

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