Daily Challenges

Waterwise Water Saving Week


Can you complete the challenges?

Water Saving Week will run from Monday 20th to Friday 24th March 2017. Here are the 5 daily challenges you can take on over the week.

Can you do ALL 5? 

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Monday - Water in your School

Waterwise Water Saving Week School Challenge


Challenge No.1: – Start an eco-club or if your school already has one add water-efficiency to their to-do list

 Many water companies have education centres or teams that do fun water saving assemblies for schools. Suggest it to your school. They are generally free or heavily discounted.

For more challenge ideas and free learning resources you can visit wwww.waterexplorer.org.  You can also find out more information on Water Explorer from the  poster included in the Water Saving week resources.


Tuesday - Water in your Workplace

Waterwise Water Saving Week Workplace Challenge


Challenge No.2: Have a water audit in your workplace

As well as simply offering advice, water companies can usually carry out water audits for offices and commercial premises, breaking down your water usage and telling you where and how you can save water in your workplace.

Wednesday - Water in your Home

Waterwise Water Saving Week Home Challenge


Challenge No.3: Use a shower timer

Each minute you cut your shower by could save up to 7-8
litres of water per minute depending on the power (flow-rate) of your shower.



Thursday - Water in your Community

Waterwise Water Saving Week Community Challenge






Challenge No.4: Go and explore your local water bodies

The water we use in our homes is taken from aquifers and rivers nearby, so when you go for a walk by your local stream remember that every drop you save helps your local plants and animals and protects the water environment.


Friday - Water in your Garden

Waterwise Water Saving Week Garden Challenge


Challenge No.5: Use a water butt

Over 21,000 litres a year falls on the roof of the average UK home, it’s easy to catch some of that in a water butt and your
plants will love it too.