Consultation responses


December 2012 - Waterwise response to Defra consultation on the strategic policy statement to Ofwat. Waterwise welcomes the guidance, and the emphasis it places on long-term resilience and planning, and managing future supply and demand, but sets out specific instances where stronger wording would better reflect and deliver the scale of ambition set out in the Water White Paper. 

November 2012 - Waterwise response to Environment Agency consultation on Improving the classification of water-stressed areas. Waterwise welcomes the improved methodology for classification, which reflects a far more holistic analysis of the current and future stresses.

November 2012 - Waterwise response to the (Northern Ireland) Utilitity Regulator's draft determination for PC13. Waterwise recommends ways in which existing water efficiency activity can be increased, including through working in partnership.

September 2012 - Waterwise response to DECC consultation on the second version of the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications. Waterwise urges the government to ensure the radio frequency chosen is one compatible with smart water meters.

August 2012 - Waterwise response to Scottish Government consultation on Investing and Paying for Water Services from 2015. Waterwise supports the key policy objectives but proposes a review of the link between council tax banding and income, and meters for all new homes.

August 2012 - Waterwise response to Scottish Government consultation on Scotland's Sustainable Housing Strategy - "Homes That Don't Cost The Earth". Waterwise proposes that hot and cold water efficiency be included in both the Sustainable Housing Strategy and in the National Retrofit Programme due to be launched in 2012.

August 2012 - Waterwise response to Scottish government consultation on Developing an Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing. Waterwise proposes the inclusion of water efficiency retrofitting and the installation of showers.

May 2012 - Waterwise response to EU consultation on Policy Options for the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's Waters. Waterwise supports measures to improve the water efficiency of buildings and products and of approaches to managing water.

April 2012 - Waterwise response to Environment Agency, Defra, Welsh ssembly Government and Ofwat consultation on the draft Water Resource Management Planning guideline. Waterwise warmly welcomes the specific requirements in the updated guideline for increased water efficiency - and its longer-term outlook than its predecessor - but proposes an overall demand management target and other measures to ensure this is delivered.

April 2012 - Waterwise response to the Call for Evidence by the Energy Efficiency Deployment Office on Energy Efficiency. Waterwise urges the EEDO to include hot and cold water efficiency in existing energy efficiency programmes and measures, and to move beyond DECC policy in developing its new energy efficiency strategy, to water, planning and wider housing policy. Water efficiency measures deliver energy efficiency, as well as helping meet wider government goals such as the sustainable use of water and climate change resilience.

February 2012 - Waterwise response to Ofwat consultation on future price limits. Waterwise supports the new approach to price limits set out in the document, but stresses the importance of actively ensuring significantly increased levels of water efficiency in PR14, which are essential if the sector is to achieve the outcomes Ofwat is seeking, and can not lost in the wider move to a more risk-based regulatory approach.

February 2012 - Waterwise response to Ofwat’s Draft Forward Programme. Waterwise welcomes the draft Forward Work programme and urges Ofwat to ensure it reflects the importance of water efficiency and measures to achieve it which were set out by Ministers in the recent Water White Paper.

February 2012 - Waterwise response to the Welsh Government consultation on draft guidance on social tariffs. Waterwise welcomes the guidance, but proposes that it should include the need for social tariffs to encourage water efficiency.

January 2012 - Waterwise response to DECC Consultation on Green Deal.  Waterwise welcomes the commitment in  the consultation document and the Water White Paper to a link between water efficiency and the Green Deal, with hot water included in the ECO and Green Deal measures and cold water in the Green Deal advice, and explicit reference to water companies working with  the Green Deal. However, we are concerned that the Green Deal has effectively excluded hot water devices from the two initiatives, by recreating barriers such as the additionality clause, which has specifically prevented the water and energy sectors working jointly in homes.