Community-led Initiative

Community-led projects that celebrate the importance of water, in particular rivers, to local communities and in which people have come together to improve the local water environment and raise awareness of peoples’ impact on it.

Winner: Action for the River Kennet and Thames Water – Care for the Kennet

action for the river kennet

The River Kennet is one of England’s finest chalk streams, but it’s under pressure. This was brought into sharp focus during the recent drought, which was so severe that the upper reaches of the river dried completely. Thames Water and Action for the River Kennet (ARK) teamed up to deliver a campaign ‘Care for the Kennet’, with the simple message ‘Your water comes from here – the less you use, the more is left in the river’. ARK helps 12,000 Thames Water customers in the upper Kennet area to understand more about the river and to make the link between the river and their taps and make it easy to reduce their water use and protect their local river.

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Runner-up: Blacon Community Trust – Blacon Energy Management Programme and Save Money Keep Warm

Blacon Community Trust – Blacon Energy Management Programme and Save Money Keep Warm

150 householders in Chester were concerned about water bills and conservation, so Blacon Community Trust developed the Blacon Energy Management Programme. Dee Valley Water advised householders on water supply and how to cut consumption and bills. With the support of Waterwise, Dee Valley Water, and manufacturers, they also opened an Eco House with water advice and latest technologies. This is now a regional sustainability centre for schools, manufacturers and householders. This project finished with an energy/water efficiency makeover of their houses.   

In their Save Money Keep Warm Project, 117 vulnerable householders visited the Eco House for advice on cutting energy and water use through staff and trained volunteers. They then visited them at home, fitting water-saving devices and encouraging water reduction.

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