Love Your River:  Waterwise is proud to be supporting Defra’s ‘Love Your River’ campaign. It is more than just educating people about difficulties rivers face, it is also about celebrating the importance of rivers to local people for their health, well being, leisure and sport. Visit the Love Your River website for current news!

SWAN: the Saving Water Advocacy Network (SWAN) is a coalition of water companies, NGO’s and government agencies working together to raise the profile of water efficiency in the UK. For more information click here.

Save Water Swindon: is a campaign launched by Thames Water, Waterwise and the WWF in June 2010 to help everyone use less water in the home. The project initiated a ‘20 litre challenge’. To read about the work and evaluation of the project click here.

P&G Future Friendly: Is a partnership with P&G brands and sustainability experts aimed to promote postitive changes people can make in the way they use water, leading to a more sustainable future. It is about the little actions we can make today, that will lead to a brighter tomorrow. Click here to learn more about the brilliant work being done.

Blueprint for Water: Waterwise is part of the Blueprint for Water coalition. The Blueprint has set out 10 steps to sustainable water. The Blueprint coalition is comprised of 9,000 staff, 6 million members, and 128, 000 volunteers ready to deliver a vibrant environment full of wildlife. Be sure to have a look to see how you can get involved!

RENEW: The initiative is known as the Regional Environmental Networks for Energy and Water (RENEW) project and was funded by a contribution from LIFE+. Waterwise worked in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust on a three year water and energy advice service in the pilot areas of Cardiff, London and Edinburgh. Find out more about project results and conclusions here!