Life + RENEW project

Life + renew energy saving trust waterwise water efficiency shower image

In partnership with the Energy Saving Trust, Waterwise recently completed a three year water and energy advice service in  pilot areas of Cardiff, London and Edinburgh. These pilots were the first of its kind in Europe. The project was funded by the LIFE + financial instrument of the European Community, Department for Energy and Climate Change and the Scottish Government.

The objectives of the project were to:

  1. Pilot an innovative approach to providing environmental advice and raising consumer awareness.
  2. Actively investigate the viability of combining water saving and sustainable energy advice by identifying synergies/ conflicts and carbon saving links between energy and water.
  3. Analyse geopolitical differences in  the pilot areas.
  4. Influence consumer behaviour to reduce their carbon emissions, preserve natural resources and move towards a water saving culture.
  5. Disseminate the findings of this innovative project by sharing pilot findings with other EU states to replicate pilots elsewhere.  

It is estimated that nearly 18, 000 water saving measures have been achieved as a result of this project. These are a combination of both water saving device and behavioural measures. To read the full report click here.