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Projects that save water and save money for private sector companies; projects that seek to engage employees with water efficiency.

Winner: Greenvale AP – Project Cascade

greenvale cascade project root vegetable washing

Cascade is a unique water recycling system for root crop vegetables. It has overcome the challenges of high water use and severe environmental issues, and enhanced finished product appearance and microbiological integrity. A high volume ‘closed loop’ of continuously recycled, clean chilled water – with the waste removed each time it cycles – has been achieved with Cascade at Greenvale’s plant in Shropshire.

Since the investment of £1 million in October 2009 Cascade has reduced water use by 85% which has saved over 45 million gallons (200 million litres). Over 3000 tonnes of waste has been recycled. Estimate for payback was 5 years but because of the extraordinary results this has been achieved in 3.5 years.

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Runner-up: Barts Health NHS Trust – Water Efficiency 

barts health nhs trust london water efficiency

In 2009 Barts and The London NHS Trust, a large Acute Hospital Trust in central London which is now part of Barts Health NHS Trust, entered into a partnership with ADSM (Aquafund) with the aim of reducing their water consumption across its operation. Following the establishment of a baseline against which results were measured, the two organisations worked together to implement a series of water-saving measures. The project has been a huge success with the Trust achieving a 30% reduction in consumption and a saving of £300,000.

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