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Projects that make use of proven water efficiency technologies (including, e.g., fixtures and fittings or rainwater/greywater systems) in refurbishment and/or retrofit of existing homes, or in new build.

Winner: Essex & Suffolk Water –  H2eco (Phase 6)

Winner: Essex & Suffolk Water –  H2eco (Phase 6)

H2eco is Essex & Suffolk Water’s leading large-scale retrofit project which, since its inception, has delivered 8,996 water audits to metered and un-metered customers. The sixth phase has been the most successful so far in demonstrating best practice in a full retrofit project. 15,587 customers were contacted in the sixth phase of H2eco with the aim of completing 3,000 water audits. 3,002 water audits were successfully completed, representing a 19.26% uptake rate. Undertaking H2eco resulted in measured water savings totalling 46,442.4 litres per day, which equates to an average measured saving of 44.56 litres per day for each participating property. 

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Runner-up: Anglian Water, Braintree District Council, Global Action Plan, Greenfields Community Housing and Waterwise – Tap into Savings (Braintree)

Runner-up: Anglian Water, Braintree District Council, Global Action Plan, Greenfields Community Housing and Waterwise – Tap into Savings (Braintree)

Tap into Savings, a community-level water and energy saving programme led by Waterwise and Global Action Plan, was launched in the Braintree District in September 2010 in partnership with Anglian Water, Braintree District Council and Greenfields Community Housing, with core funding from Defra’s Greener Living Fund and support from Essex and Suffolk Water.

The project consisted of home retrofit visits, DIY pack distribution and EcoTeams, through which friends and neighbours worked together to save even more water and energy. In total 3,142 homes – about one-third Greenfields’ properties – received home visits that included the installation (where suitable) of dual-flush mechanisms, tap inserts, shower flow regulators, hose guns and cistern displacement devices.

Based on the products installed, about 88,447 litres of water was saved per day, which represents a water savings of about 15% of household use or 28 litres per day. Saving water, gas and electricity can help reduce household bills and protect local water supplies and biodiversity for the future. The project showed residents how easy it is to make substantial savings at home and, at the same time, help safeguard precious water supplies.

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