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Products with the Checkmark

waterwise recommended checkmark

Here is a list of our current Waterwise Recommended Checkmark winners. Look here for details on products that won the Marque, our previous award scheme. (Please note that all Waterwise Marque products are now also classified Waterwise Recommended Checkmark winners).



A thermostatically operated valve installed on the hot water outlet of a combi boiler. At low temperatures the valve is closed, restricting flow, as the temperature increases the valve opens allowing hot water through. It saves water by limiting the amount of waste water generated.

Greased Lightning Showroom Shine

Greased Lightening

Cleans and shines your vehicle without the need for water, saving up to 2,000 litres per bottle. 


LG Washing Machine Model:  F1495BDS

A 7.3l per kg water usage washing machine with a 12Kg capacity. A+++ Energy rated, this model has also been awarded the EST recommended label.


LG Dishwasher

Model D1454BF

Using 9l per wash, this large 14 place setting dishwasher has an A++ energy rating.  It boasts the new technology of TrueSteam™ and comes with a range of steam-generated programmes to tackle baked-on stains without the need for preliminary rinsing.


Maytag Dishwasher






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The low water consumption (6 litres per cycle) is achieved by saving the water from the final rinse and recycling it for use at the beginning of the next programme. The dishwasher also employs a new pump that alternates low and high pressure throughout the cycle.  IntelliSense® technology then uses sensors to determine the size of the load and level of dirt and adjusts water use accordingly.




Nectar Eco Single Mode Showerhead

Nectar Eco Multi Mode Showerhead

Beat Eco Multi Mode Showerhead


These 3 products incorporate a 6 L/Min flow regulator to reduce the flow rate by up to 85% when compared with the standard Mira Beat and Nectar Showerheads.  They also incorporate a spray plate with smaller nozzles to give a more concentrated and forceful spray whilst maintaining the coverage width.

Opella Torbeck Ecofil

       Torbeck Ecofil The unique patented water chamber delays the opening of the filling valve so allowing the water to flush before the cistern is re-filled, saving up to 1 litre per flush. 

Rainwater Harvesting Ltd

Rain Director

The Low Energy Rain Director® rainwater management control system delivers rain water collected by a rainwater harvesting system to washing machines, toilets, the garden and other uses where mains quality water is not required.

RDP Garden Products Ltd

The Rainwater Hub

Rainwater Hub Rainwater Collection System The Rainwater Hub is a completely new way of collecting rainwater from the roof of a house, and distributing to any number of water butts anywhere in the garden. A single Rainwater Hub can collect enough rainwater to allow most households to be completely water self-sufficient in the garden all year long.



Rolawn ProMulch Rolawn ProMulch® is a high quality, peat-free mulch manufactured from stabilised chopped straw using a unique and patented process. In addition to retaining soil moisture and suppressing weeds, ProMulch® is rich in nutrients and promotes healthy plant growth by enhancing soil fertility and structure.

Rule Innovation



The RainPerfect™ pump and solar panel system install easily and provide sufficient pressure to run a standard nozzle or low pressure sprinkler system.





7kg Ecobubble™ Washing Machine

The SAMSUNG Eco Bubble washing machine has a load of 12kg, is A+++ energy efficient and has a 78 litre water consumption (6.5L per litre). Bubbles dissolve the detergent with air and water before the normal cycle begins, allowing it to penetrate into fabric quickly, evenly and deeply.