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Simple water saving tips for how to reduce your water usage in the home. Or outside your home.





Jacob Tompkins talks water saving water efficiency measures at home on ITV news

On Wednesday 5 April, our MD Jacob Tompkins spoke to ITV Meridian's Charlotte Wilkins about how to save water in the home, and showed her some simple things householders can do to cut down on their water bills.

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Which activities are most water intensive?

The pie chart below shows the percentage of water used in each water-using area of your home. 

Area  Percentage Area Percentage
Toilet 30% Washing up 8%
Baths and Taps 21% Outdoor 7%
Showers 12% Other 5%
Clothes washing 13% Drinking  4%

Pie Chart domestic water use water usage at home washing up laundry personal washing baths shower toilet flushing

Figures are taken from:

  • Water companies
  • WRC (formally the Water Research Centre)
  • UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR)

NB: The split within personal washing between baths & taps and showers is still being refined. Outdoor water use may vary from region to region.