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22 December 2010

Waterwise praises MPs' call for more water efficiency and metering

Waterwise today welcomed the report of the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee into Future Flood and Water Management Legislation.

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8 November 2010

Waterwise urges people to protect their homes from cold weather in winter

As the UK braces itself for wet and cold weather this week Waterwise is urging homeowners to lag pipes and install water butts to help protect their homes during extreme weather. Lagging outdoor pipes protects them from the cold and helps to avoid burst pipes and the inevitable disruption to households. Installing water butts collects rain and helps to reduce localised flooding.

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17 September 2010

Waterwise welcomes focus on water efficiency in adaptation report

Waterwise, the leading UK authority on water efficiency, today welcomed the focus on water efficiency in the Adaptation Sub-Committee’s first national assessment for government of how well prepared the UK is for climate change.

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6 September 2010

Waterwise celebrates being five years old and urges everyone to be water efficient in World Water Week

To celebrate turning five years old and the 20th anniversary of World Water Week, Waterwise is urging everyone to save water, energy and money by being more water efficient in their daily lives and routines. Heating water is the second largest user of energy in the home (after space heating) and about 25% of the annual households energy bill is from heating water – so reducing your water wastage really will save money, energy and water and reduce your carbon emissions, thereby helping to protect our local water supplies, plants and animals.

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9 August 2010

Waterwise East launches The Water Calculator to make water efficiency requirements easier to meet

Waterwise East has launched which is designed to make it easier for developers and builders to meet the new water-efficiency requirements of Part G of the Building Regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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12 July 2010

Water efficiency is key to securing our water supplies

In 2010 the UK has experienced the driest first six months of the year for 71 years. In response to the hosepipe ban being announced in the North West of England, Waterwise is asking everyone to do their bit to help save water. Through simple changes in behaviour we can help to there is enough water for everyone in the future. The hosepipe ban may have already been announced, but we can all do our bit to try to stop them from being necessary in the future.

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25 June 2010

Water efficiency is key to tackling long term drought

In response to the drought in the North West of England Waterwise is asking everyone to save water. The recent dry period has led to water shortages that mean that it may be necessary to introduce a hosepipe ban, however it is much better that we all take voluntary action to reduce our water use. Unfortunately sometimes hosepipe bans are essential in order to secure supply and protect the environment. Making a few small changes in our behaviour around water use can help to ensure there is enough water for everyone in the future.

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25 June 2010

Waterwise publishes White Paper

The White Paper has mainstreaming water efficiency at its core. In it Waterwise sets out strategic proposals for climate change adaptation and mitigation, resource efficiency, the low carbon and green economy and the big society, over the five years from 2010 to 2015.

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5 June 2010

Celebrate World Environment Day by saving water, saving energy and saving money

Waterwise is urging everyone to think about their water use today, on World Environment Day, and everyday to help cut down their household bills and help the environment. Everyone in the UK can take simple actions to reduce their water use at home and at work, and in turn save money, save water, save energy and have the added bonus of helping the environment.

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6 May 2010

New innovative products awarded the Waterwise Marque

Seven new innovative, high performing products have been awarded the Waterwise Marque. The new products include two slimline dishwashers from Indesit, a greywater recycling unit from DPS (Bristol) Ltd, a combined one-piece Eco Washbasin and WC from Roca, a low-volume dual-flush toilet from Twyford, a waterless urinal from WhiffAway and a shower regulator by eaga. These newly awarded products can now use the Waterwise Marque on their packaging and in marketing materials to show that our independent panel of judges think they promote water efficiency and are of high quality design and performance.

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22 March 2010

Waterwise action plan to mainstream water efficiency organised for World Water Day

In the last year the UK has seen more extreme weather and climate change is likely to mean that floods and droughts occur more frequently. Water efficiency is essential to help the UK adapt to climate change, alongside population growth and increased use of water. In light of this Waterwise would like to see thousands of homes across the UK fitted with water efficient products. That’s why Waterwise is holding ‘The Future of Water Efficiency – Scaling it up’ - its water efficiency conference, as part of UN World Water Day, where key decision makers from the water sector will gather at Oxford University to discuss an action plan to mainstream water efficiency.

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16 March 2010

Waterwise report shows potential water savings of 25% to help meet the challenges of climate change

Today Waterwise launched Phase II of ‘The Waterwise Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency in Homes’ which builds on the first report released in October 2008 and continues to demonstrate the savings that can be achieved through water efficiency in homes. The report highlights that water savings of, on average, 42 litres per property per day (around 15%) are possible by installing a range of water-efficient products in homes and through encouraging customers to make behaviour changes.

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2 March 2010

Waterwise welcomes innovative government plans for energy efficient homes – but regrets missed opportunity of including water

The water efficiency NGO, Waterwise today welcomed the new government strategy “Warm Homes, Greener Homes: A strategy for Household Energy Management for Britain”. The strategy sets out plans to improve the energy efficiency of every home in Britain by 2030, focussing first on kickstarting insulation and 7 million eco-upgrades. However, Waterwise lamented the failure to include water efficiency in the plans – which can contribute cheaply and effectively to both tackling climate change and adapting to it. Waterwise sets out below opportunities to build on this opportunity as the new strategy is taken forward.

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12 February 2010

Tap into Savings Launch

The UK’s biggest water and energy saving project – Tap into Savings – was launched today (12 February) in Redhill, Surrey. The Tap into Savings community initiative will help people in nearly 1,000 homes in Redhill and Merstham save water and energy, as well as money on their household bills.

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