Consultation responses - 2009

December 2009 - Waterwise response to the Defra and Welsh Assembly Government Consultation on the Cave ReportWaterwise welcomes the acknowledgement in the consultation document of the future challenges of climate change and growth in demand, and the need to ensure that water resources are managed more sustainably and efficiently, but is disappointed that the consultation document does not directly address some of the specific recommendations set out in the Cave Report to deliver this. Waterwise also gives examples of how innovation is not just about new monery and new technologies, but is also about driving systemic change through new types of partnerships, new regulatory approaches and new services – including through water efficiency.

November 2009 - Waterwise response to the consultation on the Mayor of London’s draft London Water Strategy. Waterwise welcomes the strategy, and its commitment to water efficiency, including through a retrofitting programme linked with energy efficiency, and offers expertise and evidence on the best way of taking this forward. Waterwise also welcomes the Mayor’s commitments to a meter for every home by 2015 and all blocks of flats by 2020, to all new homes meeting Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes by 2016, and to a reduction target for per capita consumption to 130 litres by 2030 – although Waterwise proposes this be brought forward to 2020. Waterwise also welcomes the Mayor’s commitment to a successor standard for Decent Homes, and urges that water efficiency, and particularly showers, be included in this.

October 2009 - Waterwise response to Ofwat's draft determinations for PR09. Waterwise welcomes the draft determinations, and the record six enhanced water efficiency programmes approved, but makes suggestions to increase still further the scale of metering and water efficiency programmes approved in the final determination. 

August 2009 - Waterwise response to the Interim Report of the Walker Review of Charging for Household Water and Sewerage Services. Waterwise welcomes the importance the interim report attaches to the true value of water, and to water efficiency. Waterwise sets out its support - and some additional ideas – for the report's recommended package of regulatory incentives, more water efficient retrofits of homes and buildings, including linking these with energy programmes, and an increase in metering so that we pay for what we use. 

August 2009 - Waterwise response to Defra consultation on the Adaptation Reporting Power. Waterwise welcomes the inclusion of the water industry and Ofwat in the critical sectors required to report to government on their climate change adaptation plans, and urges that all sectors take forward water efficiency measures as a key part of their Reports.

August 2009 - Waterwise response to draft Water Industry Commission determination. Waterwise welcomes the recognition in the draft determination of the key role Scottish Water has to play in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and urges that the attached funding be used for more large-scale water efficiency programmes. Waterwise also welcomes funding for the first trial of household water metering in Scotland, and urges that this include smart meters, to link with the UK government’s commitment for a smart energy meter for every home in Great Britain within ten years. 

July 2009 - Waterwise response to consultation on Smart Metering for Electricity and Gas. Waterwise welcomes the government's ambitious plans to mandate smart gas and electricity metering for all households. However, an opportunity may be missed if smart water meters are omitted from government plans. Waterwise recommends that government policy and planning should consider the potential to include smart water metering within its programme. There is currently a strong regulatory and political incentive to expand water metering from its current approximate 30% penetration in England and Wales, and the benefits of combined installations and cross compatibility should be considered.

July 2009 - Waterwise response to the Defra consultation on the Draft Flood and Water Management Bill. Waterwise welcomes the inclusion of the updating of 50-year old hosepipe bans in the draft Floods and Water Bill, but would like to see it take forward more measures to increase water efficiency and metering, to reflect the Cave and Walker reviews, and the true value of water.

May 2009 - Waterwise responds to the DECC and CLG consultation on the Heat and Energy Saving Strategy (HESS). Waterwise welcomes the government’s radical and innovative programme to retrofit every home for energy efficiency by 2030, and to make all homes and buildings zero carbon by 2050. However, Waterwise urges the government to include water efficiency measures in the HESS so that the both climate change mitigation and adaptation can be maximised: the heating of water in the home for cooking, cleaning and bathing accounts for 5% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions, and homes of the future will also need to be water efficient as there will be less water and more people.

May 2009 - Waterwise responds to the DECC and CLG consultation on the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP). Waterwise welcomes the CESP and its target of reducing fuel poverty through energy efficiency in 90,000 homes. However, Waterwise urges the government to include water efficiency measures in the programme as the heating of water in the home for cooking, cleaning and bathing accounts for 5% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Homes of the future will also need to be water efficient as there will be less water and more people.

April 2009 - Waterwise responds to government consultation on changes to the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT). Waterwise proposes ways in which carbon savings within CERT can be increased through the inclusion of water efficiency measures, and suggests the development of a framework similar to the demonstration category within CERT to help incentivise large-scale water-efficiency retrofits by the water companies. 

March 2009 - Waterwise response to Draft Planning Policy Statement: Eco Towns. Waterwise welcomes the introduction of EcoTowns as a genuine effort to reconcile the demand for further housing with the environmental impact of development. The standards for water efficiency and water off-setting outlined for developments in areas of water stress are ambitious, but in the spirit of sustainability we would encourage them to be applied to all EcoTown developments.  

February 2009 - Waterwise responds to CLG’s consultation on the Definition of Zero Carbon Homes and Non-Domestic BuildingsWaterwise welcomes government work to date on mitigating carbon emissions from homes and buildings, but urges them to include water efficiency measures – which reduce carbon emissions – in the zero-carbon definition. 

January 2009 - Waterwise responds to Interim report of the Cave Review of competition and innovation in water markets. Waterwise welcomes the emphasis of the interim review, including its reference to the need for joint working between energy and water regulators. Waterwise outlines how large-scale water efficiency projects fit squarely into the definitions of both competition and innovation given in the interim report. With reference to the Evidence Base for Large-Scale Water Efficiency in Homes, Waterwise outlines measures to help government and water companies meet their own carbon and water efficiency targets, and reflect the important role water efficiency plays in both climate change mitigation and adaptation.