Consultation responses - 2006

May 2006 - Waterwise response to Ofwat's consultation on its Forward Programme 06/07 to 08/09. Waterwise makes suggestions on Ofwat’s forward work programme, with specific reference to water efficiency and sustainable development.

April 2006 - Waterwise respose to Ofwat’s consultation “Contributing to sustainable development”. Waterwise outlines how Ofwat could usefully fulfill their new sustainable development duty.

March 2006 - Waterwise response to government proposals for a Code for Sustainable Homes. Waterwise outlines what the water efficiency element of the new Code could look like.

February 2006 - Waterwise response to government proposals for additional powers and responsibilities for the London Mayor and Assembly. Waterwise offers views on the water section of the Government’s consultation on new powers for the Mayor of London.