Waterwise launches Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK

19 June 2017

Waterwise's strategy sets out a vision of what a water-efficient UK could look like - with all of us really valuing water, and using it wisely every day. Lots of great stuff is happening already, but we need more innovation and ambition, and we're really delighted that partners across the sector have agreed actions to help us deliver the strategy. In coming decades, we’re going to be kicking ourselves if we’ve only dabbled in wasting less water - meaning less to go round for people, the economy and the environment. Without water none of these things can function.

The strategy is an ambitious blueprint for a water-efficient UK. We look forward to working with the Water UK-led Strategy Group to deliver it.

Because it’s down to all of us to take action to drive more water efficiency - governments, regulators, water companies, manufacturers, businesses, workplaces, and all of us in our homes and gardens. It’s totally doable if we work together - and that’s what we’re going to do. Through this strategy we’re aiming high in water efficiency, together.

In response to the launch of the strategy, Cathryn Ross, Chief Executive of Ofwat, said 'It’s really clear that far more ambitious water efficiency will need to be a key part of how the water sector delivers resilient and affordable services to its customers, now and in the future. Water efficiency is a key strategic issue - and one that is entirely in line with the sector's drive to become more customer-led.  I’m delighted that Waterwise and the sector are working together to help establish new frontiers on water efficiency.'

Find our press release, the strategy document and a handy summary in our resources section.

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