Consultation on A Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK

30 November 2016

Over the past year Waterwise has been working with the water sector to develop a Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK. The aim is to bring together all the current thinking on the next steps and actions required to achieve a water efficient UK. The final document should act as a template and guide for organisations planning to undertake water efficiency actions, and should also help shape policy and regulatory frameworks to deliver water efficiency measures that benefit society, economy and the environment. Whilst Waterwise have developed the strategy we do not own the strategy and we are consulting to gather as many views as possible so that we can have a consensus on how to deliver the future of water efficiency.

We would like your comments and views on our consultation document by the end of January 2017 and we intend to publish the final document at the start of March 2017. We would welcome your responses to the specific questions we have posed and we would also welcome general comments by written representation, phone or email. We are also planning face to face meetings with a range of stakeholders to discuss the strategy.  

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