Waterwise Rainwater and Greywater Event

16 December 2015

Summary of the Rainwater and Greywater Event

The Waterwise Rainwater and Greywater Event was hosted by WaterLIFE at the WWF Living Planet Centre. The day consisted a range of speakers who provided an overview of the current situation surrounding rainwater and greywater from a range of perspectives, such as; commercial, manufacturers and water company. 

Towards the latter part of the day, there was a panel discussion looking to the future and how an increase in understanding of the legislative and technological aspects could have benefits. It also examined the role of rainwater and greywater in relation to climate change and extreme events. 

The main themes that emerged throughout the day revolved around communication, legislation and cross collaberation between key bodies to facilitate wider learning. 

The slides for the event can be found here.

In the New Year, a summary of the event and position of rainwater and greywater by Waterwise will be avaliable. 

Thank you to all those who presented at the event and those who attended. 

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