Fuel poverty can be alleviated with water efficiency

21 October 2011

Simple measures to save water and energy can have a significant affect on household energy bills – a pressing concern for many at risk of fuel poverty

Energy bills are on the rise, and temperatures are dropping, and many people are struggling to cope, in some cases with deadly consequences. The Hills report, published on Wednesday, estimated that 2,700 deaths each year can be linked to fuel poverty This highlights the need to make savings on the energy bill wherever possible. Water has an important part to play in this.

Waterwise calculations indicate that heating water can account for as much as 25% of the home energy bill. Saving hot water therefore has a significant impact on fuel bills. Simple measures, such as taking shorter showers instead of baths, only using the dishwasher when full, and washing clothes on a lower temperature, can save households significant amounts of money. At a time when bills are rising and temperatures are dropping, being waterwise can make a big difference.

Jacob Tompkins, Managing Director at Waterwise:

Comfort and health are important. But big savings on hot water usage can make a big difference to fuel bills without impacting lifestyle. And in homes that are metered, saving water also saves on the water charges.”

The Hills report estimates water as 10% of the energy bill, although some estimate it to be as high as 25%, but even at those lower numbers, saving hot water takes money out of bills and puts it on the dinner table. These days nobody can afford to waste hot water.”

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