Waterwise MD Awarded OBE

15 June 2015

Our very own Jacob Tompkins has been awarded an OBE for services to water efficiency.

In the Queen's Birthday Honours List, announced on Friday, Waterwise's Managing Director, Jacob Tompkins, was awarded an OBE for his services to water efficiency.

Jacob has been the Managing Director of Waterwise since he founded it in 2005. Waterwise was set up to promote water efficiency in the UK, and Jacob has worked tirelessly for this cause. As a result of his commitment, today Waterwise is recognised as the leading authority on water efficiency not only in the UK, but also as a key player internationally, with partnerships and projects stretching out across the globe.

Since 2005 water efficiency has risen dramatically up the agenda of both the water industry and government, with a much wider awareness of its importance among the general public. During the course of this work, Jacob has always had the courage to challenge the norm, even in the face of strong opposition. He has always championed innovative approaches, pushing new ideas and concepts into the mainstream. In terms of practical water delivery, Waterwise has led the way with exemplar projects, training fitters and advisors and promoting best practise – the home visit retrofits being conducted across the UK today are much more effective as a result of these efforts.

From all at Waterwise, Congratulations Jacob!

Jacob was not the only one to be recognised for their work this week, congratulations also to Gaetane Suzenet, our former COO, awarded the Légion d’honneur. Well done Gaetane!

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