Waterwise CABWI Water Efficiency Qualifications

24 April 2013

From Summer 2013, Waterwise will be delivering the Waterwise CABWI Water Efficiency Qualifications.

Water companies, energy companies, housing associations, charities and local councils are increasingly offering water efficiency advice and home retrofits. The advice ranges from water saving tips to installing water efficient showerhead and water butts, often giving people technical and financial figures and guidance. The retrofits range from offering DIY kits with water saving devices for taps, showers and toilets, to full home visits where devices are installed. The aim of these actions is to reduce water consumption and it often has an added benefit of saving energy. With the introduction of the Green Deal and ECO alongside expanded water company demand management programmes there is increased interest in large-scale roll-out schemes.

However, providing water efficiency advice and carrying out retrofits is not as simple as it appears. Variations in water pressure, in plumbing and heating systems, in water hardness and in fixtures and fittings, means that it is possible to get things wrong. For instance installing the wrong showerhead could cause performance problems or at worst could damage the shower mechanism, incorrect installation of tap and toilet devices could cause costly leaks, and incorrect advice around water butts and grey or rainwater could cause health issues.

There are issues of liability, health and safety, and the required skill set for water efficiency advice. Many water companies and contractors provide training for staff but these are generally ad hoc and don’t ensure a fundamental understanding of how, what and why.

That’s why Waterwise has worked for 2 years to produce formal CABWI qualifications in water efficiency advice and water efficiency retrofitting. Overseen by a steering group with representatives from the bathroom industry, water companies, contractors and WRAS, we can offer Level 2 training in water efficiency advice and Level 3 training in water efficiency retrofitting. Ranging from the national and global water context to the differences between tap aerators, tap restrictors and tap regulators, the courses provide a comprehensive understanding of water efficiency which will enable staff to take informed action but also to know the limits of what advice and assistance they should give.

The aim of the qualifications is to establish a baseline of standards for this growing sector, to up skill the workforce and to improve the quality and consistency of practical water efficiency. The benefits to organisations of using qualified staff are limited liability, improved performance, improved consistency and better customer experience. The benefits to individuals are recognition of transferable skills, a formal Ofqual approved qualification, knowledge and skills in water efficiency.

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