Blueprint for PR14 published

17 September 2012

On 17 September the Blueprint for Water coalition published a call for more demand management in the 2014 periodic review of water pricing: Blueprint for PR14.

The Blueprint for Water coalition, of which Waterwise is a member, published a call for new measures to promote demand management in the 2014 water price review. It calls for no net increase of water-into-supply - based on 2010 levels, irrespective of population growth - and 80% metering by 2020 in England.

The BP for PR14 is being discussed with the leaders of water companies, government, regulators and the Consumer Council for Water. It is also available on the website of Wildlife and Countryside Link.

The Blueprint coalition will continue to press for an effective PR14 settlement, to deliver environmental outcomes, and the levels of demand management which are also important to the economy and society, for both today’s and future customers.

The 2014 price review (PR14) is a welcome opportunity to engage with the bill-paying public about water and deliver much-needed environmental improvements. It also provides a chance to address some significant and uncertain challenges: climate change, changing water use and population growth. Striking the right balance between today’s customers and tomorrow’s, and the need for water for people, the economy and the environment, has never been more pressing.

Read the Blueprint for PR14

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