Save Water Swindon leads the way in innovative large-scale water efficiency programmes

12 September 2012

6000 water-saving devices were installed in the UK’s first whole-town water efficiency initiative

Waterwise has just published its Phase 1 Evaluation Report of Save Water Swindon. It is available at Save Water Swindon: Phase 1 Evaluation Report.

To date the project is estimated to have reduced Swindon’s overall water-use by more than 50,000 litres per day. The project was set up in 2010 by Thames Water, WWF, Waterwise and Swindon Borough Council to help limit the amount of water taken from Swindon’s local environment. Other key aims of the project are to test and monitor the effectiveness of communications through customer research and data analysis, and use findings to form the UK blueprint on how to run effective water efficiency campaigns.

The evaluation report, prepared by Waterwise, can be used to help guide future water efficiency initiatives. One key aspect is that the estimated water savings indicate that home makeovers saved over twice the water of self-install kits per household – likely to be a result of the fact notably more devices were provided during home makeovers, and the big water savers (particularly dual flush converters) can be installed during a home makeover.

Also of note is that an encouraging number of follow-up survey respondents reported making positive behavioural changes as a result of involvement in the project. The behaviour reportedly changed by the largest number of residents is the length of time spent in the shower, with respondents trying to take shorter showers.

The Save Water Swindon project was recently recognized at the UK Water Efficiency Awards, as recipient of the Environment Agency Chairman's Award, for "a project delivered by or with a water company that best demonstrates good practice in delivering water efficiency initiatives".

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