Improving uptake in home visit retrofit programmes

24 April 2012

This latest publication collated relevant information through a literature review, project assessment and telephone interviews with practitioners to gain some insight into, and develop some recommendations for, ways to improve uptake for water efficiency projects.

Home retrofits and home visits are a growing component of the delivery of water savings by water companies. Uptake in water efficiency home visit retrofit projects has varied, ranging from 6% to 60% in the projects included in the Evidence Base. This report sets out to better understand the factors that affect uptake in these home visit projects and will review recruitment methods that have been employed both successfully and unsuccessfully in previous programmes.  

In projects where a higher level of uptake has been achieved, direct contact methods (e.g. door-knocking) have often been undertaken. There is a need to understand the uncertainty involved in recruiting customers so that this can be taken into account in water company submissions for the Price Reviews and Water Resources Management Plans/Strategy Planning.

This report sets out to better understand the factors that affect uptake in these home visit projects and reviews recruitment methods that have been employed both successfully and otherwise in previous programmes. It concentrates on the main methods of recruitment, namely letters, telephone calls and door-knocking, and will investigate how these methods can be more successful. The report also draws upon key areas for the improvement of future home visit projects.

This research was funded by Defra, Environment Agency and Ofwat. 

Read the full report here

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