Drought is an opportunity for more radical discussion

17 April 2012

Our policy director Nicci Russell speaks up in Utility Week's Soapbox feature from 6 April 2012

Every time we have a drought, we have a drought summit, and the usual suspects get together to discuss how best to manage the short-term situation. Always the short-term situation.

But a growing population, increasing per-person water usage and changing weather patterns mean that, even without a drought, the situation is unsustainable. In the southeast and east of England, almost every month for the past two years has seen below average rainfall. And England's population will increase by ten million by 2035.

As water supplies continue to be threatened by the lack of rain, with hosepipe bans under way and the entire southeast and east of England in drought, we must start managing our water supply better for the long term – not just building expensive infrastructure to meet increasing demand. 

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