Drought means more efficient water use is urgently required

13 March 2012

Short-term emergency measures like hosepipe bans will help with this summer’s drought but they won’t solve what may be a long-term issue. To meet water needs now and in the future we need to start using water better, and we need to start now

The way to beat this drought is to help people and businesses, all over the country, at home and at work, use water more efficiently. Hosepipe bans are one way of reducing short term use, but once those bans are lifted, we still need people to be responsible with their water usage. Greater pressure on water resources, due to a growing population, increasing per person usage and changing weather patterns, means that even without a drought, the situation is unsustainable.

With this situation compounded by very dry weather over the past two winters, it’s not surprising that some water companies have had to bring in restrictions on water use. Especially in the south and east of England, where eighteen of the last 23 months have seen below average rainfall. The growing severity of the problem underlines the need for more efficient use of water.

Waterwise would like to see an increase in metering to help people and companies measure and manage their water usage. As well, all water companies could be doing even more to help people save water in their homes and businesses. In Britain we use an average of 150 litres per day whereas in Germany and France they use 125 and 110 litres per person per day.

Simple water-saving devices and a few small changes to our daily routines could add up to big savings and help tackle drought, protect the environment and save us money. For tips on how to use water more efficiently see

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