2012 is the year of water, so let’s not waste it

30 December 2011

Our top 5 water saving tips for 2012

It looks like it will be a dry year with drought looming over many parts of the UK. So now is a good time to make some watery resolutions that are kind to the environment and your pocket.

Waterwise has come up with some readymade resolutions to help you save money, and help keep our reservoirs topped up. These are our top 5 water saving tips for 2012:

1. New year, new meter – Check if it would be cheaper to get a meter, people on a meter use 10% less water and have better control over their bills. Most water companies offer them for free on a trial basis.

2. Save water and cut energy bills – About 25 percent of your energy bill is for heating water. Lag your hot pipes and boiler, don't let hot taps run and shower smarter to save money.

3. Shower power not power shower – Upgrade your shower with a clever showerhead, eco showerheads can reduce water use by 50% and still feel great. You can pick one up for less than £30 which will pay for itself in water and energy bills in a few short months.

4. Get your butt in shape – Now is a good time to get a water butt, to catch any winter rain. Rainwater can be better for your plants, your conscience, and your wallet.

5. Behave yourself – Everyone knows they should turn the tap off when brushing their teeth, but do we all do it? Simple actions like this can save about 30 litres per person per day. Brushing dry teeth and rinsing after means toothpaste is more effective, and – most importantly – you can boast to your kids about your eco credentials.

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