Water White Paper points to a water efficient future

8 December 2011

Waterwise welcomes the Government’s Water White Paper, in which it provides clear vision on the direction for the industry and the water sector as a whole.

The Water White Paper, entitled Water for Life, was released today. It is innovative in the way it breaks down the barriers that prevent co-ordination of measures that can benefit public water suppliers, customers and the natural environment.

There is a clear message that water companies should look at their abstractions from the environment, work with natural processes in water catchments, and most importantly, engage with customers to promote water saving. Jacob Tompkins, our Managing Director, says "We all use 150 litres every day, with water company investment in refitting homes we could easily cut this to 100 litres which would reduce the need for reservoirs, protect the natural environment and cut customers bills." 

Water efficiency is highlighted throughout the White Paper and we hope that this will signal a shift within the water industry towards demand-side rather than supply-side measures. Jacob Tompkins says “In this White Paper the Government lays out a clear vision for a water-efficient approach to water management. It's up to companies, and organisations like ourselves, to deliver on this.”

Waterwise's Evidence Base for Water Efficiency, which is based on water company data, shows that water efficiency is practical and makes long-term financial sense. This White Paper give definitive political and regulatory support for companies to use water efficiency schemes such as large-scale retrofit of domestic homes. We now need to see water companies embrace these approaches. Likewise there is a call for a more co-ordinated approach to water efficiency messages to the public. The Saving Water Advocacy Network (SWAN) involves a large number of companies Waterwise, the Government and regulators to do exactly this.

We hope that others will follow suit. 


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